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Yet more attacks on smokers.

Oh enough already.

Smoking should be banned in all cars to save children from the health dangers caused by passive inhalation, says a report from the Royal College of Physicians.

Guess the doc's not got enough to keep them busy, how is that cure for AIDS coming along by the way? Still far easier to meddle in the lives of us ordinary folk than getting on with fixing broken limbs and finding cures.

Professor John Britton, chairman of the Royal College's tobacco advisory group, said legislation to ban smoking in the home would be unenforceable.

Oh I don't know, pay the snoops to report. Maybe PCSO's knocking down the door at the whiff of half a woodbine. 

But society's views about the ' acceptability' of smoking must be changed and the easiest way to do this is a blanket ban in cars and vans, he said.

This would be simpler to police than the current situation which expects enforcement officers to differentiate between business vehicles, where smoking is banned, and those owned privately.

Professor Britton said: 'We would recommend a ban on smoking in all vehicles.'

Well Prof Britton, I would recommend you take a flying fuck out of a very high open window. Here is an idea, why not stand for political office, maybe set up your own authoritarian cunt party and see how many votes you can get? Not many I would imagine.

In addition the ban on smoking in enclosed spaces should be extended to parks, playgrounds and other areas where children congregate, he went on.

Oh do fuck off, seriously where are all the underage smokers going to hang out if you ban smoking in playgrounds and parks?

Richard Ashcroft, a professor of bioethics at Queen Mary, University of London - who contributed to the report - said even parked drivers who never have child passengers should get out of their cars before lighting up.

This would not be a 'significant reduction' in their liberties, he argued.

Er, well yes it would. If they have no children in their car, why the fuck is it anyones business what they do in their car? 

Smokers, driven out of the pub, out from lighting up in any public building and soon to be driven off the streets if this bunch get their way. 

1 people have spoken:

Dungeekin said...

Personally, I don't think this is the right approach.

I think more research needs to be undertaken to fully establish the secondary effects of children on health.

Something should be done.