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BBC missing and avoiding the facts on migrant crime.

Hat tip to the Clown who points out that the BBC is useless

If you want to know what happens to criminals - look at the graph above. And it's the sudden sharp upward line during the 1990s that explains one of the major challenges for the current government - and whoever walks into the Ministry of Justice after the general election.
Indeed, 3000 plus laws and more coming each and new ones added every week, locking away folk for the crime of allowing smoking in a pub. Mind you then we have the few million barbarians that New Labour have imported from the slums of Mogadishu and other third world toilets.

Yet the commie run BBC claim that crime levals are in fact fine and it is down to repeat offenders being jailed.
Do we have more prisoners because there is more crime? No - the two key measures relied on by government show that overall crime has been generally falling or remains statistically stable.
No questioning of the tractorstats produced by the No.10 bunker by the BBC. Despite everyone knowing that crime under the communists of New Labour has soared.

I wonder if the BBC would dare ask how much of this crime and how many of the repeat offenders, came to the land of free benefits and a council house under New Labour and have a touch of the tar brush about them?

Best not ask the awkward questions as New Labour let in the savages to enforce multiculturalism and if you dare complain about the "new citizens" carrying out crime that makes you an evil racist.

Jamacian yardies, Albanian people smugglers, Russian gangstas meeting with Peter Mandelson, Somali pirates, drug addicted Taliban members, Pakistani terrorists, Nigerian fraudsters and many more. All thanks to New Labour's open door policy.

illegal migrant savages
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6 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Much as I agree with your tack, if you look at the graph, the surge in crime started in about 1993/4.

So any theories there?

Lee Enfield Mk1 said...

Crime appears to have risen equally with immigration, liberalization of law and justice and the abolition of corporeal and capital punishment. Bugger old chap. XD

Return the rope! Return the Cat o' Nine Tails! Give the scum hard labour!

Oldrightie said...

Bugger, that's easy. Bliar became Labour Leader. As for the statistics, the mass wave of immigration will inevitably bring a vast proportion of criminals with it. Most of them now work for the BBC and Labour.

Anonymous said...


So, if I have got it right, the prison population increased because Blair was Labour leader although Labour was not in power and had no influence upon immigration policy?

So prison population increase is a harbinger of Labour coming into power and staying there?

I think it is a bit more complicated than that?

As for Lee Enfield Mk1, you have completely missed the mark old chap. Looks like you were product of a Labour education, if your spelling is anything to go by. Personally, I would just cut off their goolies.

OR, I am at one with you on the BBC and in fact will go one further.

The whole fucking Labour party, starting in Glasgow, my home town, needs to be investigated by the SSCDEA and that investigation needs to be paralleled by whatever the sister organisation is in England and Wales. Not the local Crime Squads and NOT by the Fucking Met. The untouchables need to be turning their attention to the Labour Party as an organised crime entity. That and their their tentacle manipulation of the MSM and subversion of democracy.

Panama has ore transparency and lower corruption.
Is the Treason Act still in force?

Fidothedog said...

Bugger yes its a surge upward, the Tories were shit on crime and shit on the causes of as well.

The less said about tedious PM Major the better.

The question is will it improve, well sadly I think not. The Labour lot will do nothing on importing voters and keeping wages down by supply of cheap labour.

Neither will the Tories should they win. Thinks are going to get a lot fucking worse re crime in this land before they get better.

An no amount of plastic plod and asbo's from Labour will change it, on that dystopian note I am off for a beer.

Anonymous said...


Can I come too.

I'll need to fly over but as BA are on strike I shall be flying Easyjet.

BA has pulled out of this regional airport feed to Gatwick anyway.

BA Bugger All Good