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The Drinkers Alliance message.

Dear Member,
This Wednesday is the day that matters. The Chancellor will announce this year’s budget and we’ll find out whether our hard work has been worth it. 
We’re asking you to take one more action before the announcement. Please send a letter direct to Alistair Darling to tell him not to raise taxes on alcohol in this year’s budget.
We also need as many people as possible to join our Facebook Group. Please invite as many of your friends and family to do so if they haven’t already.
Remember to watch our campaign video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_SuPWjB1Rw.
We now have thousands of supporters; together we can stop Alistair Darling hiking the tax on our alcohol.
The Drinkers' Alliance

I think that duties will rise, the drinkers, smokers and car drivers are an easy meal ticket for the slash and burn economics of the New Labour National Socialists. Still I sent a mail to the badger haired Chancellor and maybe a few more people can sent him messages. 

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