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BUDGET 2010: Your all fucked.

A scorched earth budget that reminded me of the Nazi's retreat from the Soviet Motherland.
Extra taxes, extra duties and a mighty fuck you to the voters.
An overspend of £160bn and public spending to go up by 2.2%. Jesus-fucking-wept.

No doubt he is after Gordon's award as the System of Units(SI) as the standard cunt for scientific purposes.
The Cunt, which the measure of absolute intolerability, was re-calibrated by the French Academe de Sciences after the previous standard cunt, former Home Sec. and grumble film claimer Jacqui Smith degraded slightly over time to 0.9992 of a cunt.
Chancellor Darling might as well have said:
Your all cunts and I shall rape every penny out of you and make you all squeal like a pig.

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