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For fucks sake drag your arse out and vote, else we get stuck with McCyclops.

Otherwise that mono eye'd, pant pissing, bullying, using his family for political pr along with his dead baby, nokia phone throwing, fat arsed, inept waste of his parents sperm and egg will be stuck in No.10 like some fossilized turd lodged on the inside of a toilet pan; the cunt.
The Queen could step in and block a second General Election this year in the event of a hung Parliament, to prevent Britain spiralling into an economic crisis.
Her action would force parties to work towards a coalition government rather than having to go to the polls again for a decisive result.
It raises the possibility that Gordon Brown could remain as Prime Minister of a minority government.
Mr Brown would stay in Number 10 until he resigns, Whitehall sources say.
And officials who have held detailed discussions with the Queen's private secretary, Christopher Geidt, say it would be up to Mr Brown to decide when to go.
Even if the Tories are the largest party, but fail to secure a Commons majority, Mr Brown would have the right to make the first attempt to soldier on by coming to an arrangement with smaller parties.
The Queen's potential involvement-which is allowed under ancient conventions, has emerged in behind-the-scenes preparations in Whitehall.

2 people have spoken:

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I hope to fuck we get the chance to vote. This is the queerest run up to a General Elction I can remember. WTF are they up to behind the scenes?

Fidothedog said...

True, I wonder if the results have already been decided by the commies of New Labour.