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Barry Sheerman MP is a disgrace in a civilised society, as well a spawn of satan and a scum sucking pig.

Oh dear, the Rt Hon. scum sucking pig has made a total twat of himself again and so over to Diary of a Geek who rips his ill gotten tractorstats apart.
Barry Sheerman MP has decided, apparently, that motorcyclists are the spawns of Satan and our choice of transportation is "disgraceful in a civilised society."

In a typically Labour attack of dishonesty, he tosses in a dash of inaccurate figures and, in a spasm of textual twattishness, describes those of us who use two wheels as 'widow-makers and orphan-makers'.
Hmmm. Really?
In 2007 there were 2946 deaths on British roads. 49% of those were in cars, 20% motorcyclists. So that's 1,444 deaths chalked up to four wheels and 589 to two. So the true widowmakers and orphan-makers are, by almost three to one, those who irresponsibly and with malice aforethought, drive cars.
in the same year, 646 pedestrians** were killed in road accidents. Therefore, the widowmakers and orphan-makers are those who dangerously, and without care and thought, walk on British streets.
Oh, and just as an additional point, he claims that 650 bikers die per year and that the number is rising, when in fact 589 lost their lives in 2007 and 493 in 2008 - which is a drop of almost 20 per cent. Labour's statistical massaging strikes again...
Actually, I would say the truest widowmakers and orphan-makers are those who voted, strongly, to send British troops into action in Iraq.
Now lets not forget this is the very same Barry, who claimed that MP's were getting a bad press over our being upset at their theft from our back pockets.
“You are making me very angry because you haven’t said one good thing about parliamentarians, the hard work we put in!”

“Come on! Please! Say something good about our colleagues.”

Oh it breaks my heart, well no, especially as Barry has been helping himself to our money. How well a look at his expenses, shows that he claims our cash for his utility bills, like us to cover his free food or rather food paid for by us via the food allowance, oh an we cover his council tax all paid for by YOU. 

Oh and look at this, the lazy sod has have been ripping into our pockets for cleaning as he is to damn lazy to shove a hoover about the office.(PDF)

Oh Barry also helps himself to mortgage interest and regular service charges(not sure if that is MP talk for employing a rentboy or Thai ladyboy on expenses)

So lets have a look at the Rt Hon. Barry Sheerman MP, he voted to keep his greedy paws on the 2nd home allowance. He also voted for detaining folk with a dusky skintone for 42 days.

This fine upstanding member also voted with cyclops Brown against letting in the Gurkha's. 

Now he claims that motorcyclists are a disgrace, well If that is an example of the "hard work" Barry is putting in, then I for one want my money back.

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