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Gordonomics: People too poor to be helped by charities.

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) said about one in three people it dealt with had no immediate debt solution.

It claimed these people did not have enough income to enter into a repayment plan, nor did they qualify for any type of insolvency, including bankruptcy.

Its only advice was to tell them to find a way of increasing their income – by taking in a lodger, working longer hours or checking they were claiming all the benefits to which they were entitled.

The CCCS said its helpline received 335,323 calls during the year, 25 per cent more than in 2008. A further 150,000 people also sought help online, nearly two-thirds more than a year earlier and double the number for 2007.

But the charity said only a quarter of the people who came to it for help had the means to go on to a debt repayment plan or take out an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, under which regular repayments are made to creditors.

Instead, an increasing proportion of people were not even able to meet their daily living costs, let alone have income left over to repay their debts.

The average person who was helped by the charity owed £24,274, down from £25,664 in 2008, while 57 per cent of people had run up debts of less than £20,000.

Credit cards accounted for the highest proportion of debt at 46 per cent, followed by personal loans at 39 per cent.

The CCCS warned the situation would worsen if unemployment rises.

The longer the scum sucking champagne socialist pigs of New Labour stay in power, the higher our national debt, the more people will become unemployed and the worse our society will become.
Cyclops delenda est.

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Uncle Marvo said...

Typo: too poor?

Fidothedog said...

Come on Marvo, give us a break it's to early to point out an obvious typo. I not even had breakfast yet. :-(

banned said...

Am I supposed to feel sorry for these people? Did anyone force them to get the plasma or go to Corfu on tick?