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232 Rt Hon. shifty bastards.

More than 230 MPs have 'flipped' the second home on which they claim expenses, figures have revealed.
The practice became notorious last year when it emerged that some MPs had repeatedly changed the designation of their second home in order to maximise the expenses they could claim from the taxpayer.

But figures slipped out by the Commons authorities yesterday revealed for the first time the extraordinary extent of the practice - prompting claims that many MPs had used their expenses to pursue lucrative sidelines in property development.

A total of 232 MPs have changed the designation of their second home in the last five years - equal to more than one third of all MPs.

Those involved include Prime Minister Gordon Brown and ten Cabinet ministers, among them Ed Balls, Andy Burnham, and Alistair Darling, who changed his twice. Seven members of the Shadow Cabinet also switched the address of their second home, including William Hague and schools spokesman Michael Gove.

A total of 45 MPs changed the designation of their second home at least twice, with Tory climate change spokesman Greg Barker switching his an astonishing five times in five years.

The figures reveal that the practice has continued even in the wake of the expenses scandal, with 25 MPs changing the designation of their second home within the last 12 months, including the Home Secretary Alan Johnson and the Commons Speaker John Bercow.

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is also recorded as finally switching the designation of her second home in November last year, three weeks after she was censured for claiming that her main residence was a spare room in her sister's terraced house in London.

Forget a hung Parliament, I want a hanged Parliament with them all dancing the gallows jig. Utter corrupt cunts one and all.

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banned said...

More scrapings from the trough as Parliament promises to publish the names of MPs who have not paid their tab at HOCs bars and restaurants; behaviour which would get you drummed out of the Armed Forces but these people know no shame.