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National No Smoking Day.

The righteous can stick it up their collective lentil eating, tofu munching, ethnically diverse, Grauniad reading arseholes...

No_smokingI am not a smoker, but do indulge in many other lifestyle crimes, such as eating junk food and drinking more than the recommended amount of units on occasions; an even enjoying sugar, salt and chocolate all modern demons of the health nazi's. 
The smokers have been demonized, driven out of private buildings into the cold and persecuted by the high viz jacket wearing underpant sniffers employed by the New Labour state. The clipboard wielding agents who are laughingly called park wardens, council safety wardens and PCSO's. People who are proof that should Hitler have ever invaded there would be many willing Quislings ready to help deport folk to the camps. 
So for the first time in many a year I shall be engaging in a smoke, and will be posting some photo's later; provided that I am not stopped by some retarded PCSO for the crime of taking a photo in a public area that is.

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