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Postal workers fuck over the customers.

Well, ain't they lucky as fuck.
Under the terms of a new three year Royal Mail pay deal, which has been criticised for allowing postmen to get paid more for working less, letters and parcels will be delivered one hour later - 3pm in towns and cities and 4pm in the countryside.

So they get more cash, cash that we pay and in return we get a poorer service. Yeah that sounds great.
Separately, householders could also be deluged by a blizzard of junk mail after the two sides agreed plans to expand the amount of junk mail which postmen can deliver.

No come on, seriously they have to be having a laugh. We get the mail late, no doubt the costs of sending mail will go up to cover this and now we get even more crap to throw straight in the bin.

It was just the other day that these same postal workers-and I use the word very loosely - were complaining about the dangers of dogs whilst doing their rounds.

Postal unions welcomed the move as “long overdue”.
“Thousands of our members are attacked at work every year,” said Billy Hayes, general secretary of the CWU.
Thousands of your members are attacked every year? Sniff I can feel myself filling up you self indulgent cunt. Oh dear, well on the money we pay for the poor service you could afford to pay someone else to do the actual work bit of the job. 

Anyone know if I can get a Japanese tosa or maybe a fila brasileiros and a postal uniform; then its time to train the fuckers to attack the indolent postal workers on site?

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PJH said...

and now we get even more crap to throw straight in the bin.

May I suggest finding a post-box to put it in instead? Especially if it's not actually got your address on it? (Or maybe even better if it has, depending on your POV.)

Fidothedog said...

Good point, send it back to them.

Anonymous said...

I routinely send it back to the companies who supply it not the Post office because the companies have to pay to collect it from the Post office.
Stick it in an envelope and put the return address on but no stamp.
Costs the fuckers around £1.50 a pop to collect their own shit.

I do the same with any junk shit that drops through my door be it from a local pizza house hairdresser or insurance company.
I don't want their shit.
I never asked for it.
They can pay to get it back and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

PJH said...

Well from Royal Mail sets its sights on delivering more junk mail:

But buried in the 79-page agreement - which still has to be voted on by its members - is a pledge from both sides to lift restrictions on deliveries of what the Royal Mail calls "unaddressed mail".

Emphasis mine.

So that's more junk that doesn't even have your address on.

Stick it back in the postbox unopened. If they want us to deal with it once they give it to us, it's not unreasonable for us to expect them to deal with it when we return it.

I'm sure it won't have much effect if only a few people do it, but I'm sure it'll feel cathartic enough for those that do.

Should the idea take off however...

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Catosays said...

The reason that the posties want to deliver junk mail is that they get paid per household/per delivery.

You can contact Royal Mail and opt out of deliveries of junk.

PJH said...

You can contact Royal Mail and opt out of deliveries of junk.

Do posties really carry a list round with them that indicates that, for example, 999 Letsbe Avenue doesn't want their crap, and they actually omit each and every one of those houses listed on each and every round they do?

Does this system actually work? And if it does, is it by dint of the fact that there is only one or two houses on it because very few people know about it?

Or am I better served by filling up one of the many post boxes that I pass on my walk to work?

What's going to happen if a substantial portion their round has opted out? Say, 100 addresses on that list?

418 said...

Put a sign on your letter box saying "No Junk Mail"; if that doesn't work, send it back to the advertiser in their non-postage-paid envelope without a stamp; if a postage-paid envelope has been provided, stick it to an old jiffy bag with a brick in it and leave it at your local post office parcel counter so that the advertiser pays the postage on a brick. Otherwise, shove the junk mail into a pillar box. On no account should you put it out in your bin bags: Nazis from the local council will likely fine you for some allegedly "anti-social" behaviour.

Anonymous said...

The deal is that postmen will deliver as much of that junk as they are told to,currently they are paid about 1.5 p per item delivered ,this system is to be replaced by a permanent payment of just over £20.00 per week no matter how many different drops are put out for delivery.
As the average amount of drops per week are 2 to 3 and the average walk pays out about £25.00 for 3 drops it doesn't take much prescience here to forsee the future of 5 or more drops for each walk every week.
Trust me these junk mail drops are just as much as a pain in the arse to prep and deliver as they are for the average person to receive them.

banned said...

My habit is to extract the freepost reply envelopes from various junk mailings, mix the other contents around a bit then randomly send companies other companies junk which they have to pay for recieving (and which they will further have to pay to dispose of since it will be industrial waste).


Amusing Bunni said...

Your postal "workers" are as stupid, lazy, and illiterate as the ones my way. They never come at the same time every day, and I'm always getting other peoples mail. I didn't get my phone bill for 3 months (sadly I didn't notice this, as I've had lots going on).

I'm glad there is e-mail now days, at least that gets to it's destination.