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New Labour scum sucking pigs hit pensioners.

Millions of pensioners could lose up to £200 in a 'penny-pinching raid' on the elderly, it emerged last night.
The Government will freeze vital top-ups to the basic State pension after quietly dropping a pledge to increase them in line with inflation every year.
Ten million pensioners relying on deferred pensions - known as the 'extra' pension - Serps, graduated and the second state pension will miss out on their usual annual rises.
The freeze was slipped out in December's Pre Budget Report, when Chancellor Alistair Darling committed to raising only the basic State pension by 2.5 per cent. Most people will only be made aware of the freeze to their pension top-ups in their latest statement ahead of April 1.
The Department for Work and Pensions has apologised for any 'confusion'. The move will save the Government around £500m.
Workers can put off their retirement date by up to five years to reap a higher weekly pension, known as the 'extra pension'.

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