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Scum sucking Labour pigs: 'Pay £5,000 a day and you can meet Tony'

It would seem that living high on the hog on expenses to cover all ones bills, a taxpayer funded 2nd home allowance and over £64K a year basic wage is not enough for some champagne socialist scum sucking pigs.

Labour has been plunged into a cash-for-access row after three former Cabinet Ministers were secretly filmed discussing how they could help a fake lobbying company – with one boasting that he was a ‘cab for hire’ for £5,000 a day.

In the most damaging revelations, ex-Transport Minister Stephen Byers claimed that he managed to save ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’ for one company by using his influence with his successor Lord Adonis over a rail franchise.

Mr Byers also claimed that he had boosted the business interests of Tesco by phoning Peter Mandelson, and said that he could bring Tony Blair to meet clients of the lobbying company which was, in fact, a front for an undercover operation.

Another day and another bunch of overpaid crooks misuse their office to advance their own interests, nothing will be done, no one will be arrested and not a one of them will do the decent thing with a bottle of whisky and a revolver. 
  • Former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt(who needs the money for her sons drugs) claiming that for £3,000 a day she could help clients to influence legislation, boasting that ‘if you’ve got a client who needs a particular regulation removed, then we can often package that up [for a Minister]’.
  • Former Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon(please make expenses out in the name of Mrs Hoon) promising to lead a delegation of clients to meet Ministers, and saying that he wanted to turn his knowledge and contacts into ‘something that frankly makes money’. He  quoted £3,000 a day.
  • Another Labour MP, Margaret Moran(who I have mentioned before), boasting she could ring a ‘girls’ gang’ of colleagues, including Jacqui Smith, Hazel Blears, Caroline Flint and Harriet Harman, on behalf of clients.

2 people have spoken:

418 said...

This shower should be prosecuted for Misconduct in Public Office.

blanche said...

This lot should be prosecuted for Attempting to Obtain a Pecuniary Advantage by Deception contrary to the Theft Act 1968. Make your contribution to the debate by reporting these felonies under the "Theft" category online to the Met at:


The more complaints the Met receives, the more likely they are to do something about all this. The maximum sentence is 5 years.