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Steven Purcell, he's buggered off!

TROUBLED council chief Steven Purcell sensationally fled Scotland last night.

He is jetting abroad to escape the pressure after a dramatic week which saw him quit as leader of Glasgow council.

Sources close to Purcell said he won't return for up to a year.

Earlier yesterday, Purcell followed up his decision to quit as £60,000-a-year leader of Scotland's biggest local authority by standing down as a councillor.

Purcell spent some time at the Castle Craig rehab clinic in the Borders after he quit as council chief .

He disappeared from the clinic on Sunday but turned up again soon afterwards.

A source close to Purcell said: "Steven has always had an interest in the southern hemisphere and it is thought he might be spending some time there.

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Meeting his suppliers?

Anonymous said...

I reckon he is in Tenerife. He is rumoured to have a bolthole there.

It is close enough to the Equator to confuse his family; the did say "Southern Hemisphere" and not "Antipodes"

Anonymous said...

Interest in the Southern Hemisphere, mmm well, points South, maybe,