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Welsh language:

Well apparently the Welsh Arsembly, has decided that Wales needs a Welsh Czar. A Welsh Language Commissioner, and it will have legal enforcement powers.

The no doubt huge paying job, with swanky taxpayer funded office and hundreds of paper clip shufflers all added onto the taxpayers council tax bill will have to:
To set new standards that will place a legal duty on public bodies and companies who provide things like mobile phones and gas and electricity to offer some services in Welsh. 
How much? In which parts of Wales? That'll be up to the Commissioner.

What if they don't reach the standards imposed on them?

The Commissioner, if cajoling doesn't cut it, can fine them up to £5000.

Just one thing, how did we in Wales, ever manage for thousands of years without a highly paid Czar, sticking its nose into everyones business to ensure no one is missing out by not having their utility bills in Welsh?

Probably by having most of the Welsh folk learning English, still it gives the Arsembly an excuse to waste cash, flex its muscles and mess about in things it should leave well alone.

2 people have spoken:

Dazed And Confused said...

I nominate Comrade P.Flynn esquire, just as soon as he's been ejected from his current job sometime afore June.

If the cunt lives that long that is....

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