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To broke even for a drink in order to drown our sorrows.

As comrade Cyclops continues his drive to bankrupt the UK and give our currency parity with Zimbabwe, the true costs of his policies are hitting home as people are to broke to drink.
Spending on alcohol has fallen by a record amount during the recession.
The Office for National Statistics revealed that sales of wine, spirits and beer dropped by 6.6 per cent in 2009 - the largest slump since it began reporting the figures in 1965.
The fall was prompted in part by an unprecedented crash in wages. These fell by 0.5 per cent in 2009, the first time the figure has declined on an annual basis since the ONS records began.
Its report yesterday showed that spending on alcohol tumbled to £12.8billion in 2009 from £ 13.7billion in 2008.
Spirits consumption slid 4.5 per cent, wine 7.7 per cent, and beer sales fell 7.1 per cent.
The figures do not cover sales of drinks in pubs, restaurants and hotels, where revenues fell 4.8 per cent - the most since 1991.
Wine and Spirits Trade Association spokesman Gavin Partington said: 'No other product has been subjected to a 25 per cent tax rise over the past two years, during the worst recession in a generation.'

So no job, the house has been repossessed by the bank and millions see a bleak future under the communists of New Labour; so bleak they can not even afford to cry into a beer of an evening.

That is assuming they can even find a local pub that still has it's doors open, as they are closing at a rate of over 30+ a week.

3 people have spoken:

Uncle Marvo said...

Shit. I skimread this, and thought it was Zimbabwe you were talking about.

Bleak, isn't it?

typo: "Too" broke

TheBigYin said...

Are the ONS going against their paymasters? Everyone knows that we are a nation of alcoholics that need saving from ourselves, a nation of smokers that need saving from ourselves and a nation of fat fuckers that need sa....

I don't know whither the ONS is are boasting or complaining?

Fidothedog said...

It is almost funny that having removed millions of people from their jobs, lost their homes and wrecked our land the feckless will see Gordon as their saviour.