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Sack the fat arsed grafting scum sucking pig Margaret Moran.

A Labour MP accused of fraudulent expenses claims is facing a fresh sleaze inquiry after taking 11 months off work saying she is suffering from stress.

Margaret Moran said she was too ill to co-operate with the initial investigation into her claims.

But she was secretly filmed last week offering to use her position to influence high-profile Government colleagues for money.

This was the final straw for Parliament's Standards Commissioner John Lyon, who is relaunching his inquiry because he does not believe she is ill.

Miss Moran, 54, claimed £22,500 of taxpayers' money for treating dry rot at her partner's home in Southampton, more than 100 miles from her Luton South constituency.

Despite being off work, she has pocketed £59,000 of her £64,766 annual salary since she was engulfed in the expenses scandal last May.

Insiders say that Mr Lyon became aware that Miss Moran was not too sick to work before Channel 4's Dispatches programme last week.

But the broadcast confirmed his decision to press ahead with the probe, they said.

'He makes sure he is well informed,' a source added.

Mr Lyon is hoping to complete his report in time for 'a large proportion' to be docked from Miss Moran's 'golden goodbye' payment when she quits the Commons at the General Election.

So why bloody pay her? One would assume that employee an that all this lazy skank is, would have to produce a sick note if claiming to be ill for that length of time. I know I had to when I was ill, so why should it be different for a public sector employee; which is all this overpaid sows ear who pretends to be a silk purse is at the end of the day.

If she is well enough to tout for business then sack her from her overpaid post for being a lazy, fat, shiftless, taxpayer money grabbing tart.

**Update, as you may have gathered I am a tad miffed at Ms Moron sorry Moran sticking her snout into our pockets and then claiming to be ill, all the while out touting for business with less morals than a lady of the night.

Therefore she has joined the likes of PM James Gordon "Cyclops" Brown, new age puritan an unelected underpant sniffer Don Shenker and Himmler lookalike an part time government minister Bob "the knob" Ainsworth and our Margaret has joined the illustrious ranks by her being such a cunt, a cunt of such size that she deserves her own cunt blog along with them.

Therefore I give you::http://margaretmoranisacunt.blogspot.com/

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