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And its yet another data loss by Labour

From http://www.bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/
Following yesterday's CRB blunder revelation - and coming not long after it was revealed that HMRC lost 3,500 passports in their 'secure post' - we now have more tales of bureaucratic incompetence.
The Ministry of Defence has reported 347 losses of supposedly protected information last year.
The ministry recorded 71 incidents of lost confidential data in January and February 2010. According to a parliamentary written answer published on 8 April 2010, the figure for those two months almost equals the total number of losses for 2005.

Apparently, the reason the past 12 months look so bad is that (according to Defence Minister Bill Rammell) "there is an increased awareness of the need to report data loss across the department".
Which doesn't so much alleviate the problem of lost data, as suggest that this level of ineptitude is common but has previously gone uncounted.
Big Brother Watch will be doing a full analysis of the party manifestos later today, but it is clear that the next government needs to create fewer/reduce the number of state databases. The future security of our personal data is at stake on 6th May.

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I see that the old Communists shut his website down until after the elections. Hopefully if he does re-open, it'll be from the perspective of an aged old pensioner, with nothing better to do with his time that talk bullshit for New Labour.