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Ugly champagne boiler on a beermat.

I agree with Man Widdicombe who says if you've ever felt the urge to slam a beer glass into Jo Brand's face, well now's your chance ....

Oh the irony of this, the party who gave us the smoking ban after lying about there being choice as to it being adopted by pubs, who have taxed the drinkers, forced thousands of pubs to close for good and done their best to destroy the pub trade.

Now they think that the saggy face of Jo will get those same drinkers to forget it all and vote for the mono eyed saggy faced PM.

Update Ruda Malpa thinks she should be on beermats .....because when you start looking at your beer mat and thinking 'she looks a bit of alright', you'll know you've had enough to drink.

Good point that, but drink that much beer an one is likely to be spending the night in the loving arms of the local A&E Dept throwing up over the shoes of some junior doctor or sleeping it off in a police cell.

2 people have spoken:

Pavlov's Cat said...

thanks for that, I was eating don't ye know.

Please put some sort of warning next time.

I agree it beggars belief that they think appealing to the very people they've ostrasised and taxed over the last 13 years is actually going to get them votes.

Fidothedog said...

Sorry Pavlov, seeing Jo is a shock to anyones system and enough to induce projectile vomiting.