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Gordon needs to change his job.

As this one is making him look quite ill. Oh that made me laugh, as Gordon's strategy of meeting the public backfired yesterday after a shopper suggested he change jobs because he was looking ill.

On a visit to an Asda supermarket in Weymouth, a woman in her forties asked Sarah Brown: 'I would suggest your husband changes his career because he has been looking unwell since getting his new job.'
Mr Brown attempted to laugh the slight off, while Magda Goebbells Sarah ignored the question.

Although do keep Brown on the streets, he is the reason that the campaign's turning to shit in the first place.

He has the sort of popularity that must have researching thinking Rose West or Josef Fritzel would be better candidates for office.

A gurning homunculus, incapable of interacting with human beings, wandering about with hours of boring tractorstats and fixed fake grin. The last thing any voter wants is that manic grin close to them whilst being yelled at by a fat one eye'd jock cunt bored to death with fake statistics.

I was going to say more but over to Constantly Furious who hits the one eyed nail right on the head.

Getting back to the lady who made the comment, all I can add is that the rest of us are sick of him as well. It might be advisable that the lady who said that should avoid walking in woods for a while....

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Don't give a monkeys toss how ill the cunt looks. He could drop down dead for me and I wouldn't bat a fucking eye lid.

Fidothedog said...

Agree I often wish them all to vanish and for the last decade to be a nightmare.