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Illegal hangs on gearbox., to enter the land of bigots.

I wonder why they still want to come to the UK? I thought that PM Gordon had told them all the natives were evil nazi bigots?
An illegal immigrant was arrested at a bus depot after travelling 150 miles clinging to the gear box of a coach carrying British day trippers from Calais.

The 30-year-old man from Eritrea, East Africa, hung under the vehicle from the French port, through the Eurotunnel and on a four-hour motorway journey.

Shocked bus drivers only discovered the 'exhausted' illegal immigrant when they arrived at Kenzie's Coach depot in Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, at 10pm last Friday.

No doubt former Tory MP and head of the "Immigration advisory service" Keith Best, who runs a quango sorry agency that sucks £13 million a year from British taxpayers will claim that this chap is one of the immigrants who are better than you:

"we are now turning immigrants into better citizens than people born with a British passport"

No doubt he can join this chap and this one as fine examples of immigrants who are better than you and me. No doubt a home stacked with taxpayer funded goodies and benefits await him.

Oh but do keep quiet about how New Labour let in the savages to enforce multiculturalism and if you dare complain about the "new citizens" carrying out crime that makes you an evil racist, sorry bigot is the new approved term.

Oh and do not, what ever you do point out that bringing in semi literate savages from dusty 3rd world toilet lands is liable to lead to a rise in crime and that these people will be on the police website.
For a safer future, it would be best not to vote for Labour. Just don't tell Gordon, because despite claiming to want a debate he will call you a bigot. 

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