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Proud to be a bigot. #bigotgate

So if as many of the Labour lot have been saying that it is Gillian Duffy, who is the bigot and poor old Gordon has been picked on by the evil meeeedia, even attempting to deflect the issue onto other comments and claiming she is wrong; then fine I am happy to declare myself a bigot on this one.

Their encounter, and what followed, will be remembered as a classic example of the relationship between the scum who govern us and us little folk.

They forget that they work for us, are supposed to be elected to represent us, not lobby groups, not the EU, not expand their property portfolios at public expense and grab everything from porn films(like Jacqui Smith's husband) to sodding bell towers at our expense.

What makes this so big as a story is that in this stage managed election, we had Labour voter Mrs Duffy wheeled out to have a chat with the PM, she asked many reasonable questions and Gordon could have managed to do this right.

Thankfully his evil duplicitous nature came up and no amount of apologies from Mr Brown, and no amount of forgiveness from the lent-upon Mrs Duffy, will make us forget that he pretended to be happy to chat to her; then called her a bigot in private.

He had told her how ‘very nice’ it had been to meet her, put his arm on her shoulder, and gurned his odd fake smile.

A moment of truth and could any of us ask a better person than Mrs Duffy to ask the Prime Minister of Great Britain questions on our behalf?

Now we know what Gordon thinks of us all, he hates us, hates our views and will do anything to cling to power.

Gordon opened the floodgates as part of Labour's hidden program to enforce multiculturalism on us, decried all who spoke out as racists and now claim they want to in Gordon's own words have an open debate; the problem is as we found out is that Gordon like the rest of New Labour are not listening to us.

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