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The order of the brown nose go's to Tom Harris MP:

Who said of Paul Flynn's new book:
"Paul Flynn is one of the best writers I know-not just 'a good writer for an MP' but a very good writer. Full stop, His love of wordcraft comes across powerfully, beautifully and movingly.' The Unusual Suspect' is an unashamed celebration of politics packed with fantastic anecdotes" -Tom Harris MP The House Magazine 12/04 2010

I am just off to projectile vomit blood.

Paul Flynn's financial graft and sleaze are listed on the sidebar, I have covered them many times and firmly believe that the good voters of Newport deserve an MP who is out for them and not the assorted interests of one Paul Flynn.

As for Tom he also likes to get his grasping trotter into your back pocket and help himself to your hard earned cash.

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