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So what have Labour done then?

Well the answers are over at Old Holborn's place and I have put some of my favorites below:

Europe IE the Lisbon Treaty sell-out an signing us up for every more rules and regulations.
Smoking ban
Killing the pub trade.
Bird Flu and wasting billions
ExpenseGate and wasting billions
ClimateShite and wasting billions
SARS and wasting billions
Immigration and calling us natives all racists for daring to complain about it.
ID cards an Jack Straw covering up his links to a company touting for business with reagrds ID cards.
4.2 million CCTV cameras
Section 44 of the Terrorism Act
Treating camera owners like terrorists.
Post Office closures
Liam Bastard Donaldson the uber-health nazi.
Fake Charities and billions wasted.
Positive discrimination against us white evil males
Quango's and wasting yet more billions.
Public Sector pretend job's
Dole queue fiddled figures.
Ecclestons money
Selling our gold off cheap.
Establishment of the Department to Eradicate Farming and Rural Activities (DEFRA)
Handing large parts of our land over to the Moslem rabble.
Record debt.
David Kelly being murdered.
Political Correctness and censoring any who speak out.
Manipulation of the BBC to the point of Nausea
The oustrocisation of smokers and drinkers.
Tax, Tax,Tax,Tax,Tax,Tax and nothing to show for it.
The arrest of Damian Green
A hatred of Christianity - "New Labour don't do God" - Unless it's name is Allah.
Putting the entire economy on some fucking roulette wheel based on gambling on house prices, claiming there was no more boom and bust, then blaming everyone else for the shit.
Police stats and box ticking resulting in arrests for selling goldfish whilst armed robbers get away with a slapped wrist.
Losing our data again and again and again and again
The dopes not having a clue with dope and declassifying cannabis, then reclassifying cannabis depending on how the media are playing things that day.
Pensions being gutted along with savings.
Armed forces cuts whilst fighting two fucking wars.
Foot and Mouth (twice)
RFID-chipped bins
42 days....
the fsa - set up by Gordoom.
PCSO's, as much use as tits on a bull.
Trial without jury
Extreme Pornography or Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 - our very own thought crime!
more paperwork for business
over burdoned inland revnue paperwork
Giving more rights to criminals than victims.
They brought shame to our culture, re-wrote our history and made us embarrased to be english, welsh or scottish.
More National Insurance
More Stamp Duty
4,300 new offences created since 1997

1 people have spoken:

Captain Ranty said...

What a shameful list. What a shameful legacy.

And these criminals will go out and actively campaign for people to vote for them again. And many of them WILL vote Labour again!

My mind is boggling.

Happy to see a few of mine in the list. Well, not happy, but you know what I mean.