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Why Gordon "Cyclops" Brown is an evil duplicitous little cuntwaft: No.1 - Yet more controls on your lives.

Ye Gods will these bans ever end?
Under a new mandatory drinking code, from today irresponsible promotions including "all you can drink for £10” deals, including women drink free deals and speed drinking competitions will be banned.
Tell you what, maybe Shove_ha'penny encourages old men to go to the pub for a half a bitter, maybe New Labour add that to the list of things to ban. Along with playing cards, domino's and just about every thing that people may get upto in a public house.

God forbid that we may actually want to let our hair down and have a spot of silly drinking game, cheap deal fun and games. No apparently there is one rule for us and other for the MP's who have cheapo booze on flow, get theirs paid for by our taxes and fly abroad on the piss on "fact finding missions".

Other deals that are made unlawful are "dentists’ chairs” where drink is poured directly into the mouths of customers making it impossible for them to control the amount they are drinking.
Bejesus, they actually have sat down to find a game that they can make an example of and naturally it shall be backed up with the full weight of the law.

But Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers communications chief Kate Nicholls pointed to “grey areas” that still exist.
For example, the guidance says happy hours, pub crawls and “general discounting of alcohol” is not being banned per se, but will only fall foul if “promoted and organised in an irresponsible way”.
Nicholls said: “I don’t think it gives more guidance than we had from the legislation itself. It still leaves a lot of questions unanswered and a lot of grey areas.”
The guidance says "substantially similar activities" to those described will also be banned as the list is not exhaustive.
New Labour sucking the life out of local pubs everywhere.
In a third measure bars and clubs will be forced to ensure that tap water is available, free of charge, for all drinkers.
Two remaining conditions coming into force on 1 October as part of the mandatory code include requiring bar staff check the ID of anyone who looks under 18 and ensuring that small measures of beer, wine and spirits are on offer to customers, so they have the choice to drink less.
They already have that choice, its called asking for a half. What used to be called free will.

Alan Campbell, a Home Office minister, said the new measures were necessary to combat the scourge of binge drinking caused by cheaply available alcohol at bars and clubs. Home Office figures suggest alcohol-related crime and disorder costs the UK taxpayer between £8billion and £13 billion a year, he said.
But there was confusion last night over how the new ban will be enforced after it emerged that the Home Office has failed to send out any guidelines to trading standards officers at councils who will have to enforce the ban.
Maybe someone should point out that under his worthless shower of shit duties have in fact soared upwards, much like the crime rate.

Naturally the unelected high viz jacket wearing underpant sniffers in the local authorities have a bulge in their stained pants at the thoughts of yet more rules to enforce and peoples lives to make a misery.
Paul Bettison, the chairman of Lacors, the regulatory arm of the Local Government Association, welcomed the new powers but said that enforcing them would have to wait until they received the guidance from the Home Office.
He said: “It is what we have been asking for. We welcome the ability to restrict these all you can drink fro £10 and happy hour deals but we are concerned that the Home Office guidelines have not reached local authorities yet. Without these guidelines we cannot do much. It is a question of emailing the guidance.”
Wankers, utter pointless laws passed by grafting bastards on the make and enforced by box ticking nazi drones.

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