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Alan Yentob taxpayer funded parasite.

In today's Telegraph they cover waste at the Communist BBC, including Alan Yentob, a fully taxpayer funded BBC apparatchik who would not be out of place with our MP's in that he brings for excuses for his troughing.

Apparently having you and me pay for his Club Class transatlantic air travel is "essential" to his job.

Last month the BBC's creative director Alan Yentob, who gets £183,000 and a six-figure pension from the BBC, claimed he would not be able to work properly without flying business class at licence feepayers' expense. 
He justified a £3,381 return trip to New York in business class by saying that without it, he "wouldn't have been capable of doing the job". 
Who knows maybe next he will employ his wife, claim all his utility bills off the taxpayer, get his kitchen done at your expense and maybe change his name to Paul Flynn MP.

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