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Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

It would seem that the MP's are not amused have having to prove they are not lying grasping bastards out to fleece the public.
Whingeing MPs are trying to force out the head of Parliament’s new expenses watchdog - after claiming they are being ‘treated like benefit claimants’.
MPs returning to Westminster this week have reacted furiously to a tough new expenses regime which requires them to provide receipts to back up their claims.

Oh dear, the poor darlings just don't get how it works in the real world and hate the rules having to apply to them.

MPs are also furious that, for the first time, that they are being asked for detailed documentation to back their claims, such as proof that their family is living with them.

Much like the rest of us have to prove the facts when we have to say claim state benefits or expenses off an employer.

Best comment was according to The Mail one MP complaining: ‘We are being treated like benefit claimants. Why don't they just put up a metal grille?’

Okay, I am on for that, treat them exactly the fucking same way benefit claimants are down the local job centre.

At least the poor bastards signing on down at the DSS are in the main, not their through their own fault; have not claimed porn films, duck islands, 2nd homes, furniture, had their kitchen done up and even sorted out a nice bed for themselves like my very own MP Paul Flynn did.

Unlike the poor sods signing, the MP's claim all their utilities back. Yes no electric or gas bills for them, you pay for all that.

No council tax, TV license or having to fork out on home insurance.

Let the fuckers whine, if I were in charge I would use proceeds of crime legislation to claw back our cash against every fucking one of the cunts.

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