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Booze ID cards, putting the cunt in scunthorpe.

ScunthorpeThe authoritarian, cotton-wool "just in casers" never seem to go away.
In Scunthorpe, a new scheme is being proposed under which law-abiding adults who wish to purchase alcohol would be forced to carry around cards to prove their age, supposedly in order to reduce underage drinking.
I can do no better than "Jane, Scunthorpe" who says in the comments there:
This is ridiculous and a complete infringement of civil liberties. Why should the vast majority of responsible adults be spied on for the sake of a few?
As always, it's "for the children" - the supposedly unarguable assertion which, once made, destroys all opposition.
And weren't these nannyists listening to the recent debate on ID Cards per se, which showed that we are overwhelmingly against them?
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3 people have spoken:

banned said...

CamClegg need to stamp out this sort of thing pronto, dunno who runs Scunthorpe but the nannysists need to know who is in charge now.

Fidothedog said...

Very true if people don't stop this it gives ammo to the puritans like Don Shenker who want booze banned.

banned said...

And another thing, does that mean that the few poor souls unlucky enough to have to visit Scunthorp will not be able to drink their sorrows away because they wont have the local ID card?