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That swan song moment.

Sadly he did not die in the Cyclops Bunker.

5 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Who are you going to find to hate now that Brown's gone? The truth is that the person you hate most of all is yourself. Why don't you give yourself a break and try being a nice person instead.

Fidothedog said...

Another brave anon post from a Labour voter, :-)

winston smith said...

spot on fido . they just will not let it go

banned said...

Why has Brown chosen the moment of his demise to start parading his children in public as though he is some sort of normal person?

Anonymous said...

Actually Fidothedog, I'm not a Labour voter, nor even Lib Dem come to that, just someone who thinks that a blog dedicated to hate is indicative of some kind of mental health problem.