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"Come home to Labour" pleads the lying sack of shit Gordon Brown.

Hat tip to GOT for the picks and for pointing out that during a speech desperate fucking plea to the millions he has fucked over in Manchester yesterday, the mono eyed fuckwit Gordon Brown has urged people to "come home to Labour" 

Apparently, despite the largest fucking debt ever, massive social problems and every thing Labour touch turning to utter shit; the country changed "for the better and for ever".
Cheers Gordon for the thousands of closed pubs on your watch, the thousands of petty regulations; oh and a very special thank you for the smoking ban that bit of legalize that means I either have to freeze outside with them or sit alone in the pub whilst my mates all smoke. 
Cheers Gordon for the fun an games of "no more boom an bust", your flogging the gold off cheap, sticking the entire economy policy on a housing boom and letting the FSA sit back and do fuck all regulation. The FSA that could not regulate a bowel movement in a toilet, that same FSA that you set up. 
Cheers Gordon for opening the doors to uncontrolled immigration, whilst tying down the police with thousands of pages of health and safety, for early release and ASBO's; for piss poor clearup rates on crime and punishing the law abiding for not following the thousands of petty rules you introduced. 
Come home to Labour. No thanks, you and your vile party of evil commie bastards can suck my fucking balls you worthless one eyed pant pissing, snot eating cunt.

2 people have spoken:

Budvar said...

Remember Gordon says, "Vote Labour, vote early and vote often....

Fidothedog said...

They have been voting often and beating up reporters, they have learned a lot from Zimbabwe.