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How people see the election here in Newport.

I have found this rather frightening bit on voters from Wales On Line. I would seem that many folk are quite willing to barter their vote for trinkets and baubles.

Outside Milton Primary School, on Newport’s Ringland estate, the preoccupations of passing voters were more mundane.
A man in his 30s approached Ms Morden, promising her his vote if she could arrange for his street to be equipped with a bin for dog faeces. She took his mobile phone number when he said his vote depended on a positive outcome.
So there you go, sort out the dog crap and I will vote Labour.

Then we have this rather enterprising lady, who seems to think that bribery is the way forward. Still what will all these dubious postal voters, folk coming in from Cuntistan to oversee our "free and fair" election you can understand her thinking like that:

A young woman with two children was equally self-interested: “Get me a flat and I’ll give you a vote,” she told Ms Morden.

Although I shall pull up John Griffiths for being economical with the truth:

Counsel General John Griffiths, who is the AM for Newport East, said immigration had been a huge issue on the doorstep.
“Sometimes people who raise immigration are racist, but often they are people with genuine concerns,” he said. “I explain to them about the Australian-style points system Labour at Westminster has introduced for non-EU nationals. But quite a few people tend to lump all types of immigration together, making no distinction between people coming from within the EU and outside the EU.”
Now what John misses is that thanks to Labour signing all those EU charters, we have to let in EU nationals and there is not a thing they can do about it.

No mention on his party opening the doors wide for millions in order to ensure they had a client voter base/make us multicultural an  for free houses, benefits and the like and then bring in the 4 wives from Cuntistan.

Still he had to play the race card with "Sometimes people who raise immigration are racist", at least he did not follow his leader and call them all bigots.

5 people have spoken:

Osama bin Leighton said...

Sooner Flynn- yes, even he- than some jumped up prick from London who has never lived here, knows nothing of Newport or it's people or their heritage in steel and industry. He's a smarmy shoehorned in cunt and I'm depressed to admit, in a race between two lame horses I'd rather bet on my own.

Why couldn't the Tories find someone who at least knows the city? Voting for him simply makes for an extra Tory vote in parliament, not someone who gives a fuck about us. I guess that's fine for some but not for me. OK neither does Flynn, but like I said, he's at least my lame horse and I know where he lives if it all becomes too much.

The Lib Dems are still not a serious option, they are hoping for a hung parliament: seriously, who goes to the electorate on a guaranteed instability ticket?

The Greens, Plaid, BNP... between them they just about encapsulate my personal politics. Since I can't vote for aspects of parties that's no good.

I just won't bother.

Abuse me if you like, but I make this comment with genuine sorrow.

Fidothedog said...

Have to disagree, do we need to give Flynn another 64 grand a year for doing very little, sticking his bed and utility bills on expenses?

Sadly many who will vote for Flynn are out of work and struggling each month to pay the very utility bills Flynn claims back off the taxpayers.

Still better than a fox hunting, baby eating Tory.

Anonymous said...

Talking about votes for hire. this is beyond parody! it seems that Socialists now detest themselves so much, they're now quite willing to give their votes away to the peoples of Bangladesh, Ghana and Afghanistan.

Once again it needs to be reiterated, Socialism is a mental illness. Just look at Gordon to rubber stamp that view.

Leighton again. said...

For the record, I have no objection to a Tory taking Flynn's job. I have an objection to Matthew "Where's Newport, again?" Williams taking it though. Furthermore I have never- not even in 1997- voted Labour.

ANY MP is going straight to the stationery cupboard to get some expenses forms, I'm not sure Flynn's more corrupt than the next man to be honest.

Who was it said that wanting to be an MP should be reason enough to bar someone from doing so? They had the right idea.

Fidothedog said...

Based on the current herd of swine in Westminster, I would agree that he is no worse than any of the others; how does one decide which pigs are the worst?

What does get right up my nose is his holier than fucking thou attitude towards it, when it involves some evil baby eating Tory or Lib Dem and not a peep on his own graft an sleaze.

That and his Pravda style deleting of any comments about his expenses. Still his blog his rules an all that.

Still he was squirming like a worm on a hook when I mentioned some at that meeting he held at the Civic Centre some months back.

Also I would say we need a new MP, even if he has to find the town on his Sat Nav.

Flynn has been helping himself for far to damn long, besides if he croaks any time soon we will have all the hassle of a by election.