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CRE - Say nation is fractured.

Three decades of multi-culturalism have left Britain an unequal and segregated nation that is in danger of breaking up, race watchdogs say in a report published today.

The Commission for Racial Equality fears the country is ''fracturing" and extremism is being fostered by the retreat of different groups behind their own ethnic walls.

The bleak analysis is contained in the final report of the CRE before it is absorbed into the new Equality and Human Rights Commission at the end of this month.

**Thanks to Blair & Brown's multicultural experiment we have ghetto's here in the UK. Moslems live in largely moslem areas, any attempt to integrate and moderate the extremists is seen by the chattering classes as racist.

Even the government has realised that they need to do something on the uncontrolled migration into the UK, yet lack any effective plan for a/stopping migration and b/ removing people from this nation who should not be here.

The CRE talks of a ''fracturing" of the UK, that is hardly helped by nonsense like making firemen learn Polish phrases. Migrants who want to live here and be part of the UK, should speak English as a language. Pandering to their laziness and arrogance in looking down on our culture, aided by the Guardian readers does nothing in the long term to help them or us.

**Hat tip to http://fortressaustralia.blogspot.com/ for the pics.



3 people have spoken:

MathewK said...

Love that air-infidel cartoon, wish they'd have one for real..

Fatso said...

Time the CRE and the government woke up to the fact that the indigenous peoples of the UK are sick and tired of the rapid influx of "minorities" into our towns and cities.

There are many places, like areas of Bradford, where being white would either get you killed or at best abused by the majority living there - Muslims from Asia.

Does the CRE and government really think that those of us born and bred here over generations are simply going to say, OK don't worry Mr. Hussein, I will simply move away so you and your friends can take over my country!! Of course not.

Be warned CRE and goverment that there is a growing and seething resentment by many of the indigenous population at the way we are being pushed aside, our beliefs and customs are being rubbished and our hospitality is being abused by hoards of incommers.

A time will come when those in the government who have contributed to the problem will be held to account for their treachery.

Fidothedog said...

My local pub have been jokingly called the Wetherspoonski due to the number of Poles and east europeans there.