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Brick Time

Been tagged by http://cynlib.blogspot.com/to list ten people deserving of a brick to the face and so in no particular order here they are:

1. Polly Toynbee: Hatchet faced scribbler for the Guardian, misguided and with a voice that can send dogs running for cover and cut glass. A brick will no doubt improve her looks as well shutting her yap up once and for all. Worthy of a brick if just for the sake of dogs hearing!
See http://factcheckingpollyanna.blogspot.com/

2. Tony "Pasha" Blair. As the song said when Labour came into office "Things can only get better", they did when he finally left office. A man who's only legacy was to make people more cynical about the overpaid politicos who rule over us. This poll in the Jerusalem Post gives one a nostalgia-tinged glow:
How would you rate Tony Blair's performance as Mideast envoy?
1 Poor 70%
2 Fair 20%
3 Good 10%

3. Kofi Anan. Liar, a man who ignores genocide. Arguable the worst Sec. Gen. that the UN has ever had.

4. Al Gore. His brick will of course be carbon neutral.

5. The management of Barclays Bank Plc. For two years plus of crap, lies, bullshit and attempting to cover up errors as well as costing my ass a bloody fortune. The only company who when caught out offer to repay money yet still refused to say sorry.

6. My local MP Paul Flynn. Although not one who approves of violence against OAP's this venal cunt is deserving of a brick to the face, if only for the fact that he signed the ID Cards bill. Oh and a token brick to be thrown at all MP's who voted for this bill. Not worth £1.44 yet alone £144K in expenses and assorted legal fiddles.

7. Fidel Castro, for no other reason than he deserves to die and the people of Cuba deserve to be free from the communist yoke.

8. Bob Mugabe, socialist dictator of Zimbabwe. A man who really does need a brick to cave in his skull. Also deserving of a brick for having the worst set of glasses on any political leader.

9. Trevor Phillips: Race trader, re-writer of history. A man who makes his living playing off ethnic groups. Little more than a symptom of how the UK became the mess it is. This one I will really enjoy.

10. David Blunkett, mr rent a quote himself. A man who now he is out of the cabinet has a bit in the UK tabloid The Sun. In this he waxes forth on what the government should do. Strange how he has all the solutions now, yet when he had the chance as part of government spent most of his time in courts on a paternity case. Worthy of a brick just for foisting the Community Support Officers known as Blunkett's Bobbies on the UK.

The only thing I will regret about bricking Blunkett is that he won't see the brick coming...

I now shall tag the following http://www.surreptitiousevil.com/
and http://conservativemindblog.blogspot.com/
oh and of course http://rottypup.com/

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