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Sir Alan Sugar - Now a Lord who has donated over a million quid to Labour.(post 4)

Sir Alan grumbling louding about wanting to have his cake and eat it......His appointment as Gordon Brown's Enterprise Tsar has thrown his future with the BBC into turmoil.

He is currently embroiled with talks with the corporation on how to combine his role with the Labour party with his position on the Apprentice.

But the business tycoon is prepared to take his show to another broadcaster if a deal cannot be reached with the BBC, according to a report in The Times.

There has been growing controversy over his appointment as Labour's Enterprise tsar as he was accused of breaching the corporation's impartiality rules.

The publicly funded BBC is regulated by the BBC Trust, but commercial channels are overseen by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom which is not as strict.

Previous on the chap who just happened to land a Tzar job with Labour as a pure coincidence, nothing at all to do with donating lots of lovely money into Labour coffers:

Post two where he says "I did nothing wrong", giving up day to day control of the business empire....

Lets not forget that this is the chap who inflicted the awful Amstrad Emailer on the land.

2 people have spoken:

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

for being so far up broons' rectum, he needs shooting. for inventing the amstrad emailer, the cunt needs hanging.

Fidothedog said...

I only ever used one once, that was enough. I felt a Gordon like urge to throw it across the room.