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Jon Cruddas - New Labour fuckweasel.

A doff of the flat cap to Obo who points out the inarticulate gurgling of some Labour fuckweasel, with regards John Cruddas making some pointless speech.

That would be the same fuckweasel who was mysteriously absent when MP's voted on letting the Gurkha's stay. So much for comradely solidarity with the soldiers.

The same fuckweasel who gets a boner in his pants when Fidel Castro is mentioned. He signed EDM 2041 celebrating Fidel oppressing and torturing his people for 40 years.

A fuckweasel who also signed EDM 982, yet more blowing of Fidels fetid green an flaccid penis.

Lastly an expenses grasping fuckweasel who gets his electric paid for by you.

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