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Peter "pitchripper" Hain just doesn't get it.

Hain puffs himself up and issues forth a rent-a-quote:
"I was horrified when I heard about this, because it makes them [the BNP] appear as if they are another political party sitting on a panel along with democratically-elected parties."
Er, that is what they are Peter. You may not like them but people vote for them, as they do for your own vile and evil amoral party. Its called democracy, although yes I know Peter is a Labour chap so they don't do democracy.

What ever happened to that promised vote on Europe Peter? Oh yes, that right Labour bottled it.

Although if we had less graft and sleaze, less expenses fiddling and outright legalised theft from the main parties then people would not regard them and one Peter Hain as utter lying, thieving amoral scum.

People, the ones who still bother to vote, might consider the mainstream parties worthy of voting for.

You know the sort of corrupt thing that politico's who have been in power for far to damn long get upto; like charging their log stores to public funds.

Then we have cases of politicians setting up slush funds and breaking the rules and having to apologise; oh that was Peter Hain again.

I mean what sort of politico would hang on even after being investigated by the CPS? Oh I know one, Peter Hain.

I mean God forbid that we should ever be run by fascists, who knows how bad it might get.
Can you imagine how awful it would be if Britain was run by Fascists?

They'd make sure everyone carried identity papers and you'd be arrested if you failed to show your papers to a policeman, a policeman who would be armed with stun guns and two handled billy clubs and who'd beat unarmed demonstrators to the ground if they protested government policy. The police would be granted the right to intern suspects without charge for months and if anyone spoke out against the government they'd be arrested as "terrorists".

There would be constant monitoring of every citizen by CCTV on every street corner, the government would have access to your emails and phone messages, Jesus, they might even do crazy stuff like implanting computer chips in your bins to monitor your rubbish!

Anyone who happened to dislike some aspects of the government's social policy would be forced out of business and making jokes or speaking your mind about certain protected classes of people could see you losing your job or even your children. The state would gain control over the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of citizens and anyone who deviated from "acceptable" standards of behaviour would be punished by being deprived of health or welfare assistance.

The state run media would be intimidated into parroting government spin and lies and everyone from doctors and nurses to teachers and neighbours would be expected to report to the government any behaviour which was deemed to be outside government decreed standards.

Who knows they might even go crazy and start invading other countries.

Er. . .

Hang on a minute.

1 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Peter Hain is an even bigger cunt than Mandelson.
I can't think of anyone I'd like to see have their smarmy, superior face smashed in more than him - preferably by me.