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MAOI, so whats lurking in Gordon Brown's medicine cabinet?

Take 2 just before appearing on You Tube.

He might need a few more, what with the latest news that Ministers gave the green light for dubious arms sales to Libya as a favour to Colonel Gaddafi's regime, it has been claimed.

The Foreign Office approved the sale of armoured cars and water cannon to Libya in 2007, at the same time as negotiations were under way with Libya over the fate of the Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Al Megrahi.

British police were even sent to Libya to show their counterparts how to use the equipment.

Britain's own export rules and the EU code of conduct mean military equipment may not be sold to countries where it might be used to suppress dissent.

In July 2008 the Commons Committee on Arms Exports Controls voiced grave concerns about the sale, bearing in mind Libya's poor record on human rights.

But when the MPs demanded to know why the deal was done, the Government stonewalled.
The Foreign Office said it would reply privately to the committee. But 15 months later Parliament has had no answer.
New Labours ethical foreign policy in action.

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