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MP's run up £140 grand bar tab.

MPs have racked up almost £140,000 in unpaid bills at Parliament’s subsidised bars and restaurants.

Despite enjoying some of the lowest prices in London, new figures reveal that hundreds of MPs are slow to put their hands in their pockets when the bill arrives.

Commons authorities are chasing more than half of all MPs for unpaid bills run up while wining and dining in Parliament’s 19 restaurants, bars and cafes.

They include 77 MPs who have who have owed an average £586 each for more than six months.
The revelations will heighten concern about the lavish perks enjoyed by MPs at the taxpayers’ expense.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, called for an end to the practice that allows MPs to clock up bar tabs running into thousands of pounds.

Mr Elliott said: 'It’s simply unacceptable for MPs to leave their debts to the taxpayer unpaid for so long.

'We’ve heard a lot of rhetoric from the Government and Opposition benches about the importance of everyone paying invoices swiftly in the recession, but it seems that many of them don’t practice what they preach.

'It is bad enough that these bars and restaurants are already heavily subsidised, without MPs eating and drinking on a tab and then leaving bills unpaid for months on end.

Our MP's earn £64 grand a year, claim back all their utility bills, get help running a second home, travel allowance, a huge index linked pension and £400 a month food allowance. Now we find they are on the piss in subsidized bars - thats subsidized by the rest of us - whilst the pub trade is dying on its knees thanks to taxes imposed by these bastards.

One minor point, the Mail points out that MPs owe Parliament £140,000. No they do not, they owe us that money, that right us, each and every one of us is being robbed. Parliament has no money other than that stolen from your pockets through taxes.

Why not send the bailiffs around to collect the debts? After all if any of us owed money and did not pay the threat of legal action would be used.

Time for our MP's to start swinging from a rope at Tyburn, whilst cheering mobs of overtaxed citizens watch them dance the gallows jig.

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