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Time for Attorney General Baroness Scotland to be scalped.

She helped draft laws that fine people £10,000 should they employ an illegal, then employed one herself. Time for her to pay the fine and step down.

Lady Scotland has fallen foul of a measure she helped steer through Parliament when she was a Home Office minister, the 2006 Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act.

Her illegal was refused a visa renewal not once but twice – yet immigration officials did nothing to deport her.

The Home Office said Lady Scotland will definitely face a penalty - a fine of up to £10,000 - if Border Agency officials find her illegal was working illegally, something she has admitted.

A spokesman said: ‘Everyone found to be in breach of the rules is issued with a notice of liability. They get a penalty and then they can appeal.’

The standard fine for employing a single illegal immigrant is £5,000.

Senior figures in Westminster said that if Lady Scotland escapes with a smaller penalty, or no punishment at all, it would provoke accusations of special treatment.

Time for her to open up her fat socialist wallet, pay up, apologize and fuck the fuck off.

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