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Some are more equal than others: Equality laws.

Whenever some lentil bothering, Grauniad reading equality type starts banging on about rights, I find myself with an urge to give their head some equality with the toe of my boot.

Where is the equality in the Grandparents of a child being excluded from adoption in favour of a gay couple? Then being threatened with being cut off from them if they complained; all under the guise of equality.
The five-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister were being looked after by their grandparents because their mother, a recovering drug addict, was not considered capable.

But social workers stepped in after allegedly deciding that the couple, who are aged 59 and 46, were "too old" to look after the children.

Mind you I see Elton John, who is 62 wants to adopt a young child. I guess as he is part of a gay couple he will be fast tracked on the adoption process.

Then we had the same bloody local authority which was in charge of the "Baby P" case was sending out children to be fostered by the family whose son is a convicted terrorist.

So lets see, according to equality its moslem terrorists and bummers first, then the rest of us?

New Labour equality laws in action, unless your a white straight couple in which case their is no equality.

1 people have spoken:

Ade Brown said...

Pee-cee being shown for what it is: inhumane, unfeeling, unjust transference of guilt over the leeches' own hypocritical leftie prejudices.