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Big Brother Britain: Tackling evil smokers.

Evironment officers to prowl London's streets looking for people dropping fag ends.
Every day about 7,000 cigarette butts are dropped in the City. They are accompanied by lighters, matches and cellophane wrappers.

Now 10 environment officers will be prowling - and issuing the fines to irresponsible smokers.Those who give false details will be fined £1,000.
Gosh, nice to see that they are tackling the really serious crimes. Okay I accept that folk who drop litter need a lesson in being responsible to the rest of us, but £1000 fines for trying to avoid an £80 fine doled out by some lardy state employee is over the fecking top.

Besides should someone supply an erroneous address quite how would these state employee's find them?

6 people have spoken:

Shibby said...

The year is 2010 and the election campaigns are getting heated.

David Cameron promises to "provide our nation with more involved Internet filtering," while Gordon Brown hints that he will let more inhabitants of the Smoker Re-education Camps live if he is able to continue as Prime Supervisor.

Eclipse said...

hang on - Enviro [mental] officers have no authority to demand your details, thats what I thought anyway?

Fidothedog said...

By themselves no, although they can call for a police officer who ask for your details.

Unknown said...
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Barking Spider said...

I foresee a series of highly-provoked brutal thrashings!

(the deleted comment was me again - also the wrong account!)

Eclipse said...

ah right, fair enough.

That does assume, of course, that the person would hang around for the 20 or so minutes it takes for a local plod to arrive (that's how long it takes around my neck of the woods anyway!)