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Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) on climategate.

Oh dear she really doesn't get it, does she:

Leaked e-mails allegedly undermining climate change science should be treated as a criminal matter, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Wednesday afternoon.

Boxer, the top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said that the recently released e-mails, showing scientists allegedly overstating the case for climate change, should be treated as a crime.

"You call it 'Climategate'; I call it 'E-mail-theft-gate,'" she said during a committee meeting.
Now doubts about global warming have been going around ever since the theory was first put forward, but to fake data and produce results from that to fit preconceived theories go's against every scientific principle. Quite simply if you have a theory, then put your evidence in the public domain(and that's all the evidence not just the bits you like) and like the scientific world decide on its merits or lack.

I wonder if hackers had exposed some huge corporate fraud stealing trillions from US taxpayers, if Sen. Boxer would still take the same view?  

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Unknown said...
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Barking Spider said...

Bloody typical of lefties, Fido, shoot the whistleblowers rather than the perpetrators - just like the Damian Green fiasco.

I notice that, over here, Nigel Lawson had to insist that the actual fraud was investigated and not the hackers when he called for an immediate inquiry!

(btw, that deleted comment was me - wrong account)

LSP said...

Might have to borrow powerful graphic...

Epstein - what a fraud.