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The curse of McCyclops.

This made me laugh:
I would strong discourage any assassination attempts against this man. You just know the the bullet will ricochet off his belt buckle, ping up your nose and blow your brains out. Never allow the newspapers to publicise any battles you may incur against serious illness. If he visits you, you'll die. And to anyone reading this outside Britain - if he visits your country, emigrate. Seriously.
Do pop over to Corrugated Soundbite for a read of the whole thing.

On the subject of McSnotty an his snot covered kiss of doom we have his praise of a football team caused them to lose. 

He has also put the kiss of death on a local Fife firma metals plant, a high-tech healthcare research facilityan academyManchester UnitedSellafield, boxer Ricky Hatton, the U.S. dollar (two years in a row), Southampton docksLiverpool radio DJ Phil Easton (fatally), Honda and Velux Windows, Tottenham Hotspur team captain Ledley KingMedia WalesNissan and KPMG was struck by arson following his visit.

We should never forget who opened Lehman’s London HQ – dooming them by lauding their greatness

When England were knocked out of the 2006 World Cup against Portugal – Jonah was there.When they lost 2-1 at Wembley against Germany – Jonah was thereWhen Scotland lost to Italy-Jonah was thereWhen England lost the rugby World Cup final – Jonah was there.
Then we had this company praised my McGordon: Within hours of the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change announcing 400,000 new "green" jobs, Britain’s biggest employer in the green energy industry, Vestas, announced it was to cease production with more than 600 job losses by the end of the month.
If Jonah Brown ever turns up on your street, check you are insured to the hilt is all I can say. Then check that the insurance company has not been paid a visit by the one eye'd Jonah.

I asked here if the curse of McSnotty was going to buggar Andy Murray in the tennis. Well the one eyed Jonah who gave the kiss of death wished Andy Murray well:

"We chatted briefly, he seemed to know pretty much about everything that was going on and I guess he had the understanding that the tennis tour wasn't solely about Wimbledon. He just wished me luck for the season, not Wimbledon."
Fucksocks, the bastard has screwed it up again. Every time McCyclops wishes someone luck, the fuckup fairy always pays them a visit..

Gordon Brown Visits Media Wales.... WalesOnline - 9 January, 2009

After arriving under a heavy police escort just before 3pm, Mr Brown was given a tour of our multimedia newsroom by Media Wales' managing director Keith Dye ...
Next up.... Trinity Mirror Redundancies Press Gazette - 13 January 2009

Keith Dye, managing director of Media Wales has been made redundant and leaves today, following 24 years at the group. Media Wales’ finance director...
Bye Keith, the P45 is in the post. Another victim of the clunking fist.

4 people have spoken:

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Many thanks for the link. Looks like I merely scratched the surface though :-) He also somehow reminds me of the young boy in The Omen.

Fidothedog said...

Were I a world statesman I would make it clear that I wanted fuck all to do with McSnotty.

I bet many a sportsperson is thinking, I hope that one eyed hoon doesn't wish me luck....

Brew Wales said...

Keith Dye was known by the senior (elder) staff as Kiki Dee. Of course this had to be explained to younger staff members at the now demolished Thompson House.

banned said...

Lets hope he has the same effect at Copenhagen.