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Drink more coffee and kill a baby seal.

Hat tip to All Seeing Eye for this one. 
According to the Scotsman, every time we have a cup of filter coffee a block of ice the size of Yorkshire falls off the iceshelf, islanders in the South Seas drown an baby seals die; or something.
Dr Reay, a senior lecturer in carbon management at Edinburgh University, claims that the average cup of black filter coffee is responsible for 125 grams of carbon emissions. But the figure for a regular cup of black instant coffee is around 80g.
Add milk to your morning coffee, and the methane belched by dairy cows means you increase your coffee's climate-changing emissions by more than a third.
Dr Reay added: "The environmental group WWF has calculated it takes 200 litres of water to produce the coffee, milk, sugar and cup for just one regular takeout latte. If everyone ditched their pre-work coffee fix that would do wonders for the planet."
Well that is that sorted then, had one coffee today and shall be picking up an extra jar with the weekly shop as well as stopping off at the local coffee shop a bit more often. Still this is the sort of global new age eco-wankery that works out the carbon arseprint of a dog.

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Ron Russell said...

I strongly suspect that each time I have sex with my wife a small chunk of ice melts somewhere in the world and the ocean levels rise and that each time I have a glass of water the oceans of the world recide. The whole wide world depends on me and what I do each day. I never fully aprreciated my value. Its a great feeling being god-like. Just think how our fearless leaders must feel---imagine the rush when they cast that vote to pick your pocket legally.