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Oh for goodness sake.

Now some advisor needs to sit down an have a think on why porky folk are porky folk.
Pork pies, sausage rolls and packs of crisps should all be shrunk in size to tackle Britain's obesity epidemic, the Government's chief food adviser has recommended.
Er, no. Look fat folk eat lots. Thus making them fat, a simple cause an effect.

Making the portions smaller will just mean that they eat more portions.

The only thing that makes people lose weight is willpower, something that has to come from the individual not the state.

On an this idea will also hit the vast majority of people who look after their weight an enjoy the odd treat.

Maybe we need to bring back mockery of the lardy, pork laden members of society who shovel tons of food down their gullet all funded by sick payments off of the state, yes I shit ye not here in the UK being a fat lump is rewarded by money and classed as a "disability".

An so this gives me the perfect excuse to repost my mockery of the UK's largest fat blubber arse, one Paul Mason the fat benefit drawing pie hunting cunt that he is.


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