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Yet another thieving sodding Somali: Leyla Yusuf

Rips the taxpayer off for £70,000 and yet won't serve a single day in jail. New Labour's benefit system is also so crap that she was also able to generate a false N.I. number, gain benefits and do so for 7 years.

Odds on she doesn't even get sent back out of the UK.

This woman invented the name Leyla Hassan, using as an address an empty property a few streets from her home and put in a claim for asylum, which was eventually granted in 2005.

While it was processed, the couple went on to have two more children. She earned around £10,000 a year in benefits, despite the fact that her husband was working.

An no one picked it up for a whole seven years, so much for the tough on crime talk and so much for the talk of an efficient benefits system that delivers value for money.

Here is another Somali benefit drawing turd wasting your cash. When not working and milking the benefits system, Somali's do turn a hand to kidnapping UK citizens on the high seas.

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Labour have a great gift of turning a beautiful country into a cess pit then filling it with imported excrement from all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine why the Somalis bother with piracy. All they have to do is turn up over here and some fucking cretin will give them a £1.8million London pad, a TV the size of a transit van etc etc