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No lets focus on James Gordon Brown.

It would appear that all is not well in the mono eyed ones bunker as the Mail reports:
Gordon Brown made a desperate move to save his campaign yesterday, demanding that broadcasters focus on party policy rather than personality.
In an admission that the X-Factor style election debates have left the Prime Minister wounded, Labour high command wrote to TV chiefs complaining that the public are being 'short changed' by the focus on 'process not policy'.
It released a draft of the letter which it hoped the other parties would sign but they refused and by last night it had yet to be sent.

Just look at it, open mouthed and yet nothing new to say. No tie exposing all that neck fat for the world to see, whilst it waves its snot covered fingers about. 

Oh an I thought that the fat cunt was supposed to be on a diet, chomping down on banana's and such like? Still looks like the same fat, lying about going jogging fat bastard he always was; the cunt.

No doubt some staff will be bullied later today as Nokia phones fly across the No.10 bunker before Gordon is force fed his meds to calm him down. 

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

No policies, no personality, no vision, no hope, no diet, no future, no nokias, no leader, no more.

I wonder if Pravda still attempt to save the odious cunt with some ridiculously gerrymandered third leadership debate later this week?

Although why I fucking ask is beyond the reasons of my comprehension.

Lightf00t said...

I can understand Gordon trying to deflect attention away from his personality, seeing as he doesn't actually have one.

How I despise that man.

But the sheeple (stalwart Labour supporters) will continue to vote for these communists. Heck, you could stick a red rosette on a wombat and some people would still vote for it. MA FAITHER VOTED LABOUR SO I'M GONNA ALWAYS VOTE LABOUR.

It makes me despair.