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The dismantling of Gordon's evil junta.

At last someone recognizes that the motor car and the people who drive them are not evil cash cows to be taxed time after time.
The war on the motorist which has raged for 13 years under Labour is now over, new Transport Secretary Philip Hammond pledged during his first day in the job today.

He promised to end the persecution of the UK's 33 million drivers - from speed cameras to cowboy clampers - but also to 'sweat the assets' of the UK's transport road, rail and aviation infrastructure to get value for money for taxpayers.

  • The Tory secretary of state in the coalition Government pledged:
  • Scrapping taxpayer funding for controversial speed-cameras
  • No controversial pay as you drive road user charging for existing roads
  • Consulting on a 'fair fuel stabiliser' to reduce duty and keep pump prices down when oil prices soar
  • Cracking down on 'cowboy' clamping and parking companies
  • Incentives to encourage use of 'greener' cars

First ID cards and now this, it's not perfect but a start.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Cheered me up no end. Next we need announcements against the bansturbators and nanny state monkeys, the type who declare that plastic flowers left on gravestone (while tacky) constitute a "trip hazard".

Fidothedog said...

Yep, time to get back some normality to the UK.