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The problem with TV is

that no matter how bad it is, when something important actually happens the brain dead in society fail to grasp that it affects them in any way.
It is the first hung parliament for 36 years and the first coalition government since the Second World War.
But hundreds of BBC viewers were left furious because the broadcaster dropped episodes of EastEnders and Holby City to broadcast a news special on Gordon Brown’s resignation.
The programme showed the Prime Minister's resignation speech, detailed the end of 13 years of Labour rule, and David Cameron's arrival and speech at Downing Street.

Be-fecking-Jesus, you could hardly make it up, the fall of their government - okay I know the sort of person who complained is the sort of fat indolent type who has never dragged their blubber to the polling station - even if they never voted for it. Maybe they should put the polling stations in KFC or MC'Donalds branches?

Yet they get upset as their daily routine of pretend characters are taken off air to inform the masses that something of importance has happened.

Do they care? Nope, they just sit there with a blank expression wondering who is that fat Scottish bloke is who is saying he is off and who are these Cameron and Clegg people anyway? Then the anger starts, not the anger that for decades they have chosen to drop out of politics, that they have no voice, have never cared; but the self indulgent 'how fucking dare they remove my telly program for THIS!' anger.

Over a thousand took the time to use their fat KFC grease covered fingers to dial up the BBC and piss and moan about their fantasy lives being inturrupted by events in the real world.

Astonishingly by last night more than 1,000 had made formal complaints to the corporation, angry at the interruption to their television schedule on Tuesday night.

You could not make it up, dictators love people like that. No matter how bad shit gets, give them the modern equivalent of bread and circuses.

Nothing has changed in 2000 years, seriously it was fuckers exactly like these who wasted their lives watching folk die in the arenas whilst the barbarians poured across the Roman Empire to bring it crashing down.

7 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea.

No Giros, government subsidies, retraining schemes, backhanders unless you have voted and can prove it?

Fidothedog said...

The only problem with that is they would all vote for the first party that promised to scrap that system and let them get back to Eastenders.

Anonymous said...

We need a constitution and have it written in?

Anonymous said...

I guess they could protest for polling stations in Macdonalds lol

Fidothedog said...

I will clarify one thing in that I am against forcing people to vote, if they are lazy or just believe that all politicians are not worth their time then fair enough.

But when the magical telly box has its routine of East Enders disrupted, they kick off.

It was said that religion was the opiate of the masses, bloody hell I think TV has taken over.

Unknown said...

I like my medical soaps and had turned over to see, first of all Eastenders then Holby but it was the election coverage on...no biggie, I won't lose out and not be able to catch up so what's all the fuss by those 1000 oiks?

While waiting for his nibs to down tools and fuck off I flicked through the other stations to see if they had stopped their progs in anticipation of this momentous occassion but nada, nothing. So back to the BBC.

I voted around 3:30 pm and the polling station was empty, and this estate is high in unemployment, (I can tell by counting them as they swagger out of the working men's club to the bookies next door and back again to the club) As is Middlesbrough where I live.

As I am now unemployed I no longer get to pubs or clubs so couldn't talk to people to guage their reaction to the election or to see if they were paying attention, but I can hazard a guess that they couldn't give a shit. Even the closure of the steel works around here didn't muster them to give Stuart Bell a Vera Baird. So I'm stuck with a Labour MP who lives in France somewhere.

banned said...

I sympathise with the complainants as I well remember chucking my tea at the wall when Dr. Who was cancelled because of extra time at some fucking football match; mind you, I was only eight at the time.