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Labour filth planning another tax rise.

After all if you have a big garden, you must be one of the evil baby eating capitalists and so be forced to pay off the debts racked up by Labour.
Details of every garden in England have been put on a database by government officials.
The aim is to use the information to justify increased council tax bills after the election.

The 'garden tax' database, called the Geographical Information System, records even minor features of the land a home occupies. For example it shows if a driveway is shared and the size of side passages at end-of-terrace houses.

It will tell councils setting local taxes if they should increase their bills because a home has a good view, for example of a golf course or a lake.

The database has been prepared by the Valuation Office Agency which values homes for council tax and gives advice to ministers. Its existence was disclosed following Freedom of Information requests.

Our friends in the former colonies have the right idea, no taxation without representation. Even now Labour do not grasp the concept of balancing the budget, instead they seek ever more taxes on the good folk of this land. 

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