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Now come on, stop taking the piss.

It would appear that one Tony Hayward, who is the Chief Executive of BP came up with a classic clanger* and made himself look a complete cock as well.

"The leak in the Gulf of Mexico is relatively tiny compared with the size of the ocean."

Well for an intelligent chap, he has spouted some utter shit, I damn near spilt my coffee when I read that one.

Well yes the ocean is rather on the large size Tone, but so is that large black slick pouring out across it. I am sure that the oil laden seabirds are none to fucking impressed with not being able to fly but instead find themselves dying covered in the BP's finest black stuff.

I am sure that the gas leak at Bhopal was relatively tiny compared with the size of the atmosphere, but lots of dead Indian folk were none to fucking pleased at being gassed I would imagine.

Another corporate excuse that has backfired methinks.
*Now for some proper clangers.

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